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~Bikrami Calendar Dates Year-2008 ~


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Here you go bikrami dates for year-2008.. i know its been long wait. Anyway, here it is:


1 barsi bhai Gurdev Singh kounke

6 barsi Shahid Bahi Kehar Singh and Bhai Satwant Singh

8 mussia

13 Lohri; Panchmi

14 Arambh Magh (sangrand)

15 Prakash Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji

18 Dasvee

22 pooranmashi


1 Barsi Sant Attar Singh Mastaunawale

7 Mussia

10 Shaheedi Baba Deep Singh

11 Janam Sahibzada Baba Ajit Singh

11 Punchmee

12 Arambh Phagun

12 sangrand

15 Barsi Sant Sunder Singh Bhindrenwale

16 Dasvee

19 Prakash Guru Har Rai ji

21 Shahedi Saka Nankana Sahib

21 Janamdin Bhagat Ravidass ji; pooranmashi


7 Mussia

12 Panchmi

14 Arambh Chet (sangrand)

16 Dasvee

21 Holi

21 pooranmashi

22 Hola Mohalla

23 Shaheedi S. Bhagat Singh


4 Gurgaddi Guru Har Rai ji

6 Gurgaddi Guru Amar Das ji

6 Mussia

9 Jotijot Sri Guru Anged Dev ji

9 Janamdin Sahibzada Jujhar Singh ji

10 Jotijot Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib ji

10 Panchmi

13 Arambh Vasakh (sangrand)

14 Vasakhi

15 Dasvee

18 Jotijot Sri Guru Har Krishan ji

18 Gurgaddi Sri Guru Teg Bahudar ji

20 pooranmashi

25 Prakash Sri Guru Teg Bahudar ji

27 Prakash Guru Arjan Dev ji


3 janamdin Baba Jawala Singh ji Harkhowal

5 Mussia

6 prakash Guru Angad Dev ji

9 panchmi

14 Arambh Jeth; sangrand

18 prakash Guru Amar Das ji

20 pooranmashi

28 Gurgaddi Guru Hargobind ji



3 mussia

7 shaheedi divas Guru Arjan Dev ji

8 panchmi

13 dasvee

14 Arambh Harh

18 janamdin Bhagat Kabir ji

19 prakash Guru Hargobind Sahbi ji

26 shaheedi divas Baba Banda SIngh Bahadur

28 Akal chalana Baba Gurbachan Singh ji

29 barsi Maharaj Ranjit Singh ji


3 barsi Sant Teja SIngh; mussia

6 shaheedi Sant Maharaj Singh ji

7 panchmi

9 shaheedi divas Bhai Mani SIngh ji

12 dasvee

16 Arambh Sawan

18 pooranmashi

19 shaheedi divas Bhai Taru SIngh ji

31 Shaheedi divas sardar Uttam Singh ji

27 prakash Guru Harkrishan ji


1, 30 mussia

6 panchmi

8 Barsi Baba Bir Singh ji

11 dasvee

16 pooranmahsi; arambh Bhadon; Rakhri; Akal Chalana Sant Kartar Singh ji

26 Barsi Sant Ishar Singh ji

28 Barsi Sant Nand Singh ji

28 Barsi Sant Mihan Singh ji

31 Pahila Prakash Divas Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji


1 Gurgaddi Guru Arjan Dev ji

2 Jyoti jot Guru Ram Das ji

4 panchmi

13 Gurgaddi Guru Ram Das ji

15 Jyoti jot Guru Amar Das ji; pooranmashi

16 Arambh Assu; dasvee

19 Guru Angad Dev ji

24 Jyoti jot Guru Nanak Dev ji

29 mussia


4 panchmi

16 parkash Guru Ram Das ji

22 Jotijot Guru Har Rai ji; Gurgaddi Guru Har Krishan ji

23 Gurgaddi Divas Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji

5 mela beed Baba Buddha ji

6 Barsi Sant Isher Singh ji Kaleran

9 Dussehra; dasvee

14 pooranmashi

16 Arambh Katak

28 Bandi Chor Divas - Diwali; janamdin Baba Nand SIngh ji kaleran; mussia

31 Sikh massacre


1-2 sikh massacre

3 Jotijot Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji; janam Mata Sahib Kaur ji; panchmi

8 dasvee

13 prakash Guru Nanak Dev ji; shaheedi divas Baba Deep Singh ji; pooranmashi

15 Arambh Maghar

21 janam Bhagat Namdev ji

27 mussia

28 Janam Sahibzada Jorawar Singh ji

30 Gurgaddi Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji


3 Jotijot Sri Guru Tegh Bahuder ji; panchmi

8 dasvee

12 Sahibzada Fateh Singh ji; pooranmashi

15 Arambh Poh

21 shaheedi jorh mela saka Chamkaur Sahib

26-28 shaheedi jorh mela Sarhind FAtehgarh Sahib ji

27 mussia

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