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pentees akhar (35 letters)

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someone today asked me if i had pentees akhar or 35 letters, on the Gurdwara stall that i help out with. i had no idea what he was talking about. Then he explained that pentees akhar is Written by Guru Nanak Dev Ji, but it is not darj in Aad Guru GranthSahib. has anyone heard of this? it something to do wiv the gurmukhi alpabet.

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its a very adhyatamic composition which you get in older nitnem gutkay and is traditionally read on sangraand. It works through each akhar while teaching sidhant...a sample of which is;

Oankar sarab prakashi

Aatam sudh akrai avinashi

ees jeev mai bhed n janon

saadh chor sabh braham pachanon

there are a couple of nirmala steeks on this that i've read about, but never seen. I'd imagine they'd be pretty good knowing its contents. I'm not sure if Paintis akhri turns up in the very extended praan sangali or not. the gutka i've got has a bit of maryada with it too including reading it 108 times in the third pehar.

if you need it for your book shop, i'm sure dtf have it, its one of the small cheap CSJS ones published along the lines of 'barah maha and puranmashi' by some gyani. interesting that someone asked about it. ask them where they heard about it from.

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