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What sort of music ju like?  

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  1. 1.

    • Kirtan
    • Hip Hop/Rap/ Gangsterfied
    • Garage
    • Hindi
    • Pop
    • Rock
    • Bhangra

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I Luv my Drum & Bass but i usually call it Jungle, dats wot it used 2 b called B4. I was tinking of making a wahguru simram tune with Inteligent Drum & Bass, but i aint got no money 4 da studio :oops:.

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When i first heard classical raag kirtan i was like, 'that sounds weird'.

Now i'm addicted, i can't stop listening to it, its so intoxicating, it plants a seed inside you, which just grows and grows the more you listen to it.

Its next level stuff - i when i say 'words are not enough', i mean it!

Bhai Balbir Singh Ji and Bhai Baljeet Singh Ji bin playing on my sound system for weeks non-stop! please listen to it if you get a chance!


We need more of these gifted sikhs in gurudwaras, can you imagine going to the gurudawara and the gyani singing in raag with old classical instruments? I would sit there all day! does anyone have any information or mp3 of the Taus ?


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i can't vote...........i listen and like all of those in the list there should be a choice titled all of the above....then i would vote

sometimes in life u need to make choice, despite of ur fav option missing... Try consider this is one of those situations.. i m sure you will be able to make a decision instead of excuse ;)

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