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~Surrey Nagar Kirtan stirs contoversy yet again.~

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source: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/british-columbia/...ikh-parade.html

In my opnion, this year nagar kirtan in surrey was bit positive... away from promoting fanatics/terrorist individuals like talvinder parmar and co.. more towards human rights abuses in india. But there is still need for lot of improvments.. for example- how come media was not introduced to history of vaishakhi but straight to 1984?? I didnt know organizers have 1984 before history of vaishakhi as their priortiy... also another thing again our sikhs failed to do is educate media again how movement founders were freedom fighters not terrorist by providing facts and an acknowledging how these movements were hijacked by criminals, thugs, fanatics, GOI agents, terrorists individuals..these things have to be done if you wish to repair image of sikhs in canada.

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Did they mention which pics were displayed? displying pics of sant ji or uncontroversial shaheeds certainly seems fine to me. I don't think Parmar's pic was dispayed, by request from his family.

Face it, people like bolan won't stop until even sant jarnail singh's pic is taken down. in previous articles, she specifically mentioned the display of pics of killers of hitler-esqe indira gandhi.

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