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Siri Gur Katha


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This is an article which ive "borrowed" from another forum, as i have never seen this being discussed here. Opinions Khalsa Ji please.

Siri Gur Katha

Bhai Jaita Ji’s name shines in the Sikh history like a koh-i-noor diamond. He made a great sacrifice for the panth. It was only him who brought ‘Sees’ of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji from Delhi. It was him who fought numerous battles in Guru Sahib’s army and gave shaheedi at Chamkaur Sahib. He was not only a great gursikh but also a great poet and writer. He wrote Siri Gur Katha granth which remained hidden from the panth until recently. Even today most of the Sikhs are unaware of its existence. Bhai Sahib wrote much more but it is believed that due to wars and persecution it was lost. What remained stayed in the family of a gursikh.

Luckily, what remained is perhaps the most crucial information Sikhs need today. In the document Siri Gur Katha Bhai Sahib wrote eye witness accounts of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji’s Shaheedi, description of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, account of wars, and most importantly first Amrit Sanchaar. It also highlights rehat kurehat and some very fundamental beliefs of Gurmat which many of the Sikhs today hesitate to accept. I am not writing anything on my own (although it affirmed many of my beliefs) but I will post what it states. The purpose is for the readers to be aware of this and study it on their own. I am not trying to start any controversial topic or debate. Accepting it or rejecting it is the decision of the reader. I will post only if asked specific questions about the document. I do not have enough time to discuss it or post extractions. I won’t post everything written in it but following is what I understood from the text. Here is some of what is written by Bhai Sahib:

1) There is no one equal to Guru Sahib throughout ages. Following Gurmat will bring muktee.

2) “Waheguru†is gurmantar. A Sikh should always recite it.

3) Sikhs are not to lie, slander, eat tobacco, eat kuttha, smoke, drink, commit adultery, and follow brahmanical rituals.

4) Piercing is forbidden.

5) Always remember Waheguru and be prepared to fight Dharam Yudh.

6) Help everyone who comes to you.

7) Realize that everyone is the child of Waheguru. Reject caste system.

8) Always wear Shastars without which one is a jackal.

9) Never cut or trim hair.

10) Always greet everyone with Fateh.

11) Do not wear “Laal Sooha†and “Nasvaar†clothes.

12) Always do sangat of Gursikhs. Do not intermingle with patits.

13) Worship only Akal Purakh.

14) Always eat the food prepared by Amritdharis.

15) Accept everything as will of Waheguru.

16) Five Kakkars are Kes, Kangha, Kara, Kirpan and Kachera.

17) Always wear dastaar on the head.

Much more is written on rehat but these are enough points. Amrit Sanchaar is perhaps the most important of all. Bhai Sahib writes that Guru Sahib took five heads, dead became alive, five banis were recited etc.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

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