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Neeldhari Kirtan

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I like your discrimination.

I expect so. Traditionally, the Sikh dress codes etc only apply to Singhs, it was only with the onset of Bhasuria/AKJ thought that women were expected to dress like men (keski, baana, colours etc). Yogi Bhajan later joined this train of thought, but ordered his sects women to also keep their feminity in dress, conduct (gracefullness) etc. Combination of

Of course, where the rare Singhni joined Daal ranks, she would be expected to dress like a Nihang, as she was a Nihangani - and nothing should differentiate her from a man when in battle etc, but I believe this was the minority of women. Most women would have simply dressed respectfully according to the ravaaj of that time. Maata Bhaag Kaur is an obvious example of the above - but if you read her sakhi you will see that she was inclined towards war and shastar vidya from childhood, this was surpressed by her parents and marriage, but her fate could not be quashed - she was teh exception to the rule. O course other instances have also been recorded where womenfolk defended their village in the absence of the Singhs etc, as well as rare accounts of Nihangnis visiting Royal courts at Begums requests etc.

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