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“I move around a lot!†I was raised in London so the interaction that I had with Gurdwara’s was great. The main Kirtan service which I attended was at Karamsar Gurdwara in Seven Kings, but since then I’ve moved to Coventry were ere’s still a good selection of Gurdwara’s. Then to Nuneaton were they only have two, that’s not that bad.

But this year I’ve come down Leamington Spa they have one Gurdwara which closes really early at round 7 which is when I come back from work.

It’s not just the closing times but the bad reputation it has and I’ve never come across so much controversy over a Gurdwara. Which surprises me, there’s to much political crap happening with the committee which is SO corrupted.

I’m just so disappointed that it’s been 2 month’s since I’ve been…….which is not good.


[glow=red:a8b70b8125]“I belong to the Khalsa, the Khalsa belongs to me, in the wildest sea they provide shelter, Khalsa is the army of my Lordâ€[/glow:a8b70b8125]

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Gurdwara these days have became hub for business for committee members, for ladies it has became it has became grounds to show off their materialstic suits and jewellery they yap and brag away while their kids yell and scream in maharaj's darbar, for guys it has became checking out other ladies and nit picking on small things of katha vachik/kirtaines, for kirtanes it has became ground of politics - how their fellow kirtaniya or kathavachik took more than time they suppose therefore made more maya.. its sad state of affairs but despite of all of this, maharaj seed is not destroyed, go early mornings amritvela if you want peace.

I used to go to my local nanaksar around 2 am for sukhmani sahib. It was anand mangal.

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"" N30 Gurdwarey, like all religious institutions are businesses., some have been doing it longer than others and some like the Sikhs have started late (probably in the last 100 years or more). Its nothing new, when you have other peoples money coming in, only the strong willed can stop themselves from taking a "dip" in the golak. ""

This is so true I was on a Gurdwara web page a couple of days ago and the Gurdwara has a Vision and Mission statement – if you’ve studied business you’ll know what I’m taking about.


Nothing against them I was quite impressed, it make’s you think what’s next.


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At least two things that will never change are the Sir Guru Granth Sahib and the Sir Dasam Granth.

No Disrespect

But unlike other religions where their holy text is not directly written by the prophet or saints it’s all second hand information. Whereas the SGGS was watch over by Guru Arjan Dev Ji while it was writing by Bhai Gurdas and then so on until Guru Gobind Singh Ji put his last and only writing in.

I hope that things will change at the Leamington Gurdwara because I’ve got a years lease after that I’m moving to Birmingham. And you know what I will go and speak with the committee members. Ummm…………………


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Is this any help for you jio? The Singhs who do this are good, they regularly hold camps there, you could ask them to do more programmes if you want :)

Celebrating 300 years of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji being given the Eternal Guruship

Sikh Seva will be participating in:

Sikh Activity Weekend

Friday 31st October & Saturday 1st Nov 2008

Starts 8.30am (Hall No. 2) and finishes 4.30pm (For children & adults)

Talks, discussions, Q & A, keertan, games, relaxation & meditation classes and more.

Special Prize Giving Ceremony on Sunday 2nd November in Main Diwaan

It is never too late to find out more about your faith and roots!

A special weekend has been organised for children and adults where you can learn about your faith & history in English.

Gurdwara Sahib Leamington & Warwick

Queensway Estate, Queensway,

Leamington Spa,


CV31 3LZ

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