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Dynamic has created a new password because he forgot his old


Whose your greatest hero?  

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    • Guru Nanak
    • The other Gurus
    • The Bhagats
    • Captain America

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damn.. title didnt let tme type in the long sarcastic title I wanted to..

anyway yes look im back .. haha .. scary..

dynamic.. the meat eating monster.. the maha panthic papi.. ... its amrit vela.. and well. basically I have a choice between nitnem and erm.. warhammer online.. and sikhawareness...

Feel free to judge me.. after all your not God.. .and you dont know dharamraj on a personal basis so .. not like you can do much with that judgement..

Lets learn, love, and listen .. hopefully this time I wont forget my password.. and admin sahib ppl.. sort out that number thingy when you forget your password.. im not colour blind or a machine and I can never get that damn number correct !!

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