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oh kidda premio


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I just got myself an spanking long distance plan for $15/month sharing with from www.worldline.ca . Main advantage of this plan, i can talk shalk unlimited all i want by calling landlines in UK, Australia, NZ, Europe and unlimited landline and cell phones in other countries like USA and other countries.

now question here, who's here brave enough to pm me there house number so we can talk shalk.. you must be thinking i m one sadistic bored banda.. well its shitty weather here so boredom in natural as far naam japna while being bored.. thats already happening inside naturally its i havent been attuned to listen to it( LMAO, i wish) .. but truly genuinely speaking-

I would be honored to speak to members like - tsingh, kam1825, chatanga, mehtab singh, shaheediyan or any active members and put them in conference call so we can argue over something like- how big is kachera nala big fella? do you use right or left hand with tissue in toilet or whats your toilet paper at your house made of? how big is your sarbloh bata? LOL

now i m ready to be cussed...!..bring it on :LOL::LOL::LOL::LOL:

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