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Nihang and Nirmala clash at Hazoor Sahib

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With regards to:


Kamalroop Singh writes;

"At Hazur Sahib there is a Shrine where the Nirmala jathedar and Buddha Dal Jathedar, who was then the Jathedar of the Akal Takht, had a battle and both got Shahid. The leader of Buddha Dal, who at that time was the Jathedar of the whole Panth, had an armed battle with the Nirmala leader, as the Nirmale had sided with the invaders, the British, and their allies, the so called Maharaja of Patiala."

The only Budha Dal Jathedar to attain Shaheedi at Hazoor Sahib was Jathedar Baba Prehlada Singh who was killed by Mahant Ala Singh, are you saying Ala Singh had ties to the Nirmala Samprada?

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Mithar, unfortunately it was nothing like that.

Mahant Ala Singh came to see Baba Prehlada Singh, as Baba Prehlada Singh went to embrace Ala Singh, the latter drew a concealed sword and thrust it into the Jathedar. Baba Prehalda Singh managed to kill Ala Singh for his treachory before himself breathing his last. Mahant Ala Singh was a pujari at Hazoor Sahib. I have never heard of any Nirmala involvement in this episode which is why I am asking the author the clarify the information he has presented.

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