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Sikh community in Asia

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China had a Sikh community before 1948 when the Communists took over, most were there due to the British requiring soldiers and police in the areas under their control. There used to be a large Gurdwara in Shanghai.

There were small trading communities of Sikhs and Hindus in Central Asia, they were mainly Aroras such as the ones you get in Afghanistan. I recall reading about them but owing to the upheaval of the Russian takeover of Central Asia in the 1840s they either moved back or assimilated into the local population. Interestingly enough the two main trading communities of Sikhs, Khatris and Aroras tended to move in different directions from Punjab. The Khatris moved into eastern and central India whilst the Aroras tended to move into Afghanistan and from thence into Central Asia.

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As everyone knows that Guru Nanak Dev Ji travelled to 7 deeps and 9 khands.......so, naturally Guru Nanak Dev Ji visited North America also.....but till date we are unable to find any historic place in North America related to Guru Nanak Dev Ji........does anybody has any information regarding this...........the one thing for sure is that Guru Nanak Dev does visit 7 deeps and North America is one of them.

Does anybody has any information regarding this?

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