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Seeing beyond the Illusion - Socrates


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Well, just had an exam about Socrates and was thinking of an interesting concept he was drawing out.

Socatres gives a story:

There were several men tied up, facing the wall of a cave. They never saw anything outside of the cave, and only the images (shadows) on the wall. One day however, one man broke free and left the cave. He had never seen daylight, so as exited it became harder and harder, but he got use to the light. He began to see the illusion he and the other men were under. The fake shadows which he had seen in the cave where fake, and the real objects he saw for himself. Knowing the illusion he was placed under, he went back to help the people in the cave. As he entered and began to tell the others about the truth of the world, they could not accept what he was saying and began to shout at him and made him leave. He was cast out due to them.

This is an interesting story, and one can look at it from various perspectives. I like looking at it from an illusionary perspective. The whole world is but an illusion, and there is a real truth beyond all of it. Something lies beyond the material, something that is all pervading. The paradox that everything is essentially one.

It is interesting because I have heard Nirmalay use to read and study Socartes (can tSingh confirm that?). Its not hard to see that you can parallel some of his writtings to that of ancient Indian texts like the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Ramayana, and more recently Guru Granth Sahib (even if he was trying to bring out a different point to what im saying)

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