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Sri Bhagvad Gita


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I plan on ordering some books from India and am looking to get a Panjabi Steek version of the Gita.

1. Can someone recommend a good quality bookstore there?

2. Canyou recommend a good Steek translation?

3. Any other recommended books (panjabi or English) on Sikh/Sanatan philosophy/theology?


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I don't know of any good commentary on the Bhagavadgita in Panjabi. But I do recommend the Ramakrishna Mission editition of the Bhagavadgita because it has teh sanskrit text, a word for word translation and a decent translation. By the same token you can get Shankara's and Ramanuja's commentaries though Abhinavagupta's is still not available in translation. Then there are more recent commentators that are worth looking at such as Shri Aurobindo and S. Radhakrishnan (Penguin Books). A good introduction book for Hinduism would be Gavin Flood's An Introduction to Hinduism. As for a Sanatan Sikh theological work I can only think of Avtar Singh Vahiria's Khalsa Dharam Shastar (1914) which has not been reprinted and only still exists in a few libraries. But there is an ongoing project to translate it in English as far as I know and it might be out in a year or two.I hope this helps.

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