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Uk - Dhadi Resurgence

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It makes happy to know there is a slow, but growing resurgence in the Dhadi tradition, right here in the in the UK...

Some Gurbani and Dhadi Folk raags:

Also a question to our Midlands boys, is Paras Sahib and Golden Dhadi Jathaa based in Wednesfield (permanently)?

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resurgence only takes place when people are well and truly sick and tired of the norm.

when will people wake up & realise the beauty of Dhadi tradition ?!

there are so few UK GuruGhar regularly giving time to Dhadis that how will youngsters learn & be inspired by history? also how will they learn layperson's spoken punjabi?

at the moment there is way too much focus on harmonium waja kirtan for commercial reasons of weddings & "getting the job done" - there is no pyaar.

people can spare 4 hours everyday at GuruGhar for management committee nindiyaa irkhaa but when dhadis from india ask for stage time they are viewed as "low caste" or "freshies" by modern jathay that run GuruGhars so they are being forced out of income.

even those who have knowledge be they dhadis/kavishris themselves or those who have a lot of multimedia like the above youtube user, when asked to work together to get this parchaar out to the masses it is denied for whatever reason

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"at the moment there is way too much focus on harmonium waja kirtan for commercial reasons of weddings & "getting the job done" - there is no pyaar."

Lol, don't worry Parchand Ji, Gurmat Sangeet following is growing big time - in the UK and all around the globe (outside and in India), there are way too many excellent projects and personalities in the field, evidence of this is much friendly competition in terms of discovering puratan vidya (research), literature/media projects, WW demand for tanti saaj and raag kirtan albums etc etc. The youth are becoming educated and want the real deal!

Dhadi has also seen a new resurgence, its just a matter of education - and there is plenty coming this way - some of us have already done some research on this tradition, bit more needs to be done, so watch this space!

In the mean time - don't be spectators - if you feel passionately about something - be part of it! If you can't perform, then research or promote!!

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Dhadi Vaaran were introduced into the Gurus Darbar by the 6th Master - and have always kept a important place there on.

It's only after the reformist movements that these intricate Sikh traditions became unpopular and seen as backward - especially as Dhadis were normally Muslims. But Dhadis seemed to have faired better the Rababis.

The Amarnama gives an excelllent account of the Dhadis place in the Gurus Darbar - I will try and post some extracts later.

The Dhadis were given the job of putting fighting spirit into the Khalsa, as well as being the oral historians and 'live News team', in those days there were no newspapers or internet, Dhadis would sing about poiltical/religious events also (as today) - as seen from the gound level.

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Dhadis were originally all Muslim (same as the Rababis - hazuri kirtani), we have records of the Dhadis in Gurus darbar from 6th Masters time.

Over time, especially leading upto partition and after, many took Khalsa roop.

A famous example is Dharam Singh Zakmi (Rababi > Raagi), who had recent Muslim lineage.

Dhadis and Rababis have close links - they were generally from Mirasi Muslim background, although Mithar is right, there were Hindu Rababis too. One Dhadi with an old lineage has told us that the modern stream of Dhadis (and subject matter) arose from Rajastani Dhadis being called to the North West frontier to 'fix' the downtrodden spirits of the Sikhs in one of the 19th c campaigns.....

That Dhadis and Rababis were Muslim is irrelevant, they were Sikhs of the Guru, and they sang in praise of the same God, the same representative of God and against the enemies of humanity.

Thanks for the offer RKK.net.

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