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Shastarvidiya On More4 News

Maha Singh

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I have always respected them for the art, and have never been one of those who insults the actual vidya or like others claim it is a mish mash of other arts as the lineage has always added up, but this bit stuck out to me:

Niddar Singh recently demonstrated Shastar Vidya to masters of martial arts from China and Japan. “We showed the highest techniques, the Mahakal and Shiva Paenthra. The Chinese and Japanese from Jujitsu schools and Katori Shinto identified in the techniques, secret techniques that they themselves don’t teach anybody unless they’ve been with them for 40 odd years!”

Any comments? Although the article gave this a positive spin, isn't this an admittance that there IS some overlap between the two arts?

And in regards to shiva, outside of the religious field there is no evidence of Shiva existing (although I do believe), so why present it as a scholarly finding?

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