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Seva Opportunity?

Blue Rider

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I humble request, if anybody knows of any aid work or projects in punjab or india being run at the moment could you please get in tocuh with me via PM.

Im planning on visiting the homeland mid august for a month and would realy appreciate it if someone could help me get involved in some pro-active seva. Dont need to be maya seva, singhs arnt afraid to get their hands dirty.

Thankyou in advance


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There are always Karsevas being done all over Punjab on Gurdwaras. Perhpans you can go and do that. Or you can go to Harimandhir Sahib and do all sorts of seva there such as cleaning di seva, langar di seva etc. It is time well spent doing such seva. It is much better to spend your days in India doing such seva than spend it visiting reletives all over Punjab. Or if you do want to spend time with relatives and also get a spiritual experience, then get some relatives ready and do a Yatra to all 5 Takhts. It is very fun and spiritual. I've done this and trust me, the memories are priceless.

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There was a place looking after abandoned children posted here some moths ago. Go there. Do a little tour of your mates beforehand maybe and collect some unwanted clothes for them. They love foreign clothes there.

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