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Mahapursh Darshan In The Uk

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Not sure if anybody else has already posted, but just to let you all know, Swami Parmanand Ji is in the UK. I will post dates, contacts, locations later, but they will be in London over the Bank Holiday weekend, gracing various Mandhirs and Gurdwarai.

Also, Sant Hari Singh Randhava Valai will be in Wolverhampton (Nanaksar Ishar Darbar) all this week.

I think Baba Balbir Singh Nirmala are coming to the UK in September for the Smaagam at Baba Ke Farm in Leamington (see Sikh channel Advert), also think Bhai Mardanas Rababi Kul will be in UK for the 1st time also, will post details soon.


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My Friend Sant Balbir Singh Ji Seechewal are doing givans at Babe Ke Farm as we speak for the barsi of Baba Nanad Singh Ji.

Swami Parmanand are in Derby tomorrow, should be able to get to that

Mahant Kahan Singh Ji is in London

Jathedar Iqbal SIngh Ji is in London

Sant Sukhchen Singh Ji are in Leicester

Sant Hari SIngh are in Smethick til sunday

Sant Amar Singh Ji are in Wolverhampton til tomorrow then will be in London.

That should be quick breakdown of who is here

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Kam Singh,

do you have details of the Baba ke Farm smagam next week? It was briefly advertised on the Sikh channel a few weeks ago but I didn't get a chance to record the details.

Baba Balbir Singh are such a great Gurmuch to have darshan of, I visited them in Sultanpur Lodhi last year - their pyaar and aura is amazing.. it has to be for someone who is single handedly fighting for the environment in Punjab..

And for anyone who can, please try and make the simran sessions in Hertford over the next 3 days, its such a grace filled opporunity to be able to focus on Vaheguru with such a great soul.

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