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Help Displaced Sikhs In Pakistan

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Benti to all, please help by donating/voluntaring towards this great cause.

Many Sikhs (living in Swat Valley for centuries) have been displaced and are need of much help seva ni terms of langar, helping re-build their commnuity, building Sikh schools, shops etc...

I have a young friend who is currently doing seva in Paksitan as we speak, there is much to do - and we have a responsibility towards Sarbat Da Bhalla.

Please help however little you can.

Dhanvaad Jeeo.

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I hope that United Sikhs will be concentrating on the Sikh refugees and not get entangled in helping all and sundry under the guise of 'sewa'. The Sikhs are refugees through no fault of their own wherease the Muslim refugees were the same ones who were cheering on the Pakistani Taliban and wanting Sharia law in the area. Now they have got what they wanted and they are reaping the consequences of their actions. I hope now they will realise how idiotic Sharia law is and how it is unworkable. For the Sikhs they are caught in between a rock and a hard place and need the help of all Sikhs outside Pakistan.

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From the accounts I have heard many of the Sikh refugees are in a much better position than the general Muslim refugee population. They seem to be congregating at Panja Sahib Gurdwara where they have access to much better facilities then the general camps the Muslims are staying in.

The biggest threat to them comes from the jealous eye of the militants who seem to view prosperous Sikhs as easy targets for extortion under the guise of jizya.



I notice some conflicting accounts here, with some people suggesting that no Muslim hostility had occured and others making a contrary point. We have to be fair and honest though. I have heard that under the old Taleban leader Mullah Omar, Sikhs were pretty much protected as a minority. The newer guys seem different though.

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