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Sewak Singh, Sub-Editor Of Sikh Shadat Magazine Goes Missing


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Bhai Sewak Singh, the Sub Editor of The Sikh Shahadat magazine, has been missing for several days. There is evidence that he has been picked up by the PUnjab police who are refusing to respond to enquiries about his safety. In the meantime the magazine headquarteres have been raided by the police. See here for the magazine editorial on the event:



Source: http://www.tribunein...0910/punjab.htm

Missing hosteller: Pbi varsity officials clueless

Tribune News Service

Patiala, September 9

A delegation of students of Punjabi University, Patiala met vice-chancellor Jaspal Singh today regarding the mysterious disappearance of a PhD student in the linguistics department, Sewak Singh, four days ago and urged him to immediately get in touch with the police to ascertain his whereabouts.

The students told the vice-chancellor that on September 4 at midnight the police asked Sewak, who is also sub-editor at a Punjabi monthly magazine, to accompany them to the Homi Bhabha hostel in the varsity campus to search room number 29A, which had been allotted to him.

Talking to The Tribune, the students stated on the night of the incident about 20 cops of the Ludhiana police accompanied by a Patiala DSP brought Sewak, who hails from Bajewala village in Mansa district, to the hostel and searched his room, reportedly in the presence of warden Rajinder Singh. The cops then took away Sewak along with them along with his thesis papers and a few CDs. The students said the cops, who made enquiries about Sewak from fellow students, had said he was a “very dangerous man”.

One of the students said, “What’s strange is that the warden didn’t bother to find out why the cops were there and what they were searching for. The warden didn’t even object when the cops later took away Sewak without giving any reason”.

When contacted Rajinder refused to comment on the matter and asked this reporter to talk to dean of students welfare Kulbir Singh Dhillon.

Dhillon admitted the policemen had searched Sewak’s room and later took him away with them. He claimed the search was conducted with Sewak’s consent “so we didn’t object to it”.

Sewak’s family members and friends have no clue about his whereabouts. His brother, Gurwinder Singh, told The Tribune though he had contacted the Mansa police DGP and also got in touch with the hostel warden as well as human rights bodies on the incident it was of no avail.

He said the Mansa police had told him it did not have any information about Sewak and would contact the Ludhiana police to try to get some details.

The incident has created panic among hostel students in the university campus. “It’s strange though the student has been missing for the past four days the authorities don’t appear to be bothered about his safety. This kind of thing can also happen to any of us”, said some hostellers.

The varsity’s chief security officer, when contacted, said it was “not his job to keep track of all students”, adding he had no clue as to what had happened to the missing student.

The vice chancellor, on the other hand, assured university students that the authorities would “take every possible step to ensure Sewak Singh’s safety and efforts were on to locate him”.


Source: http://sikhsiyasat.c...sewaksingh.html

Evidence about Sewak Singh being picked up by Ludhiana Police came into light

A DSP was also accompanying the Ludhiana Police Party.

Patiala, September 10 (SikhSiyasat.Com - Updated: 05:18 PM GMT) There is no information even after more than five days about the whereabouts of Sewak Singh, a Ph. D student of Punjabi University, Patiala who was taken away by Ludhiana Police along with a DSP of Patiala from Homi Bhabha Hostel located with in the University campus. Today firm documentary evidence came into light that proves that Sewak Singh was taken away by Ludhiana police and this police party was accompanied to university by a local DSP. As per University Security officer’s letter no. 554 S.O on 4 September 2009 at around mid night (00:00 hrs) three police vehicles reached the main gate of the campus and this convey was lead by a TATA Sumo numbered PB11AE 3262. The person sitting in the sumo claimed that he was Police personnel and even showed his ID card. They informed that they are to go to Homi Bhabha Hostel No 4. Then university security personal introduced this police party to warden of Hostel number 4. Similarly, warden of Homi Bhabha Hostel in his letter numbered 942/HBH confirmed the fact that the police party brought Sewak Singh along with them. They entered in the hostel at 00:05 hrs and searched the room number 29A that belongs to Sewak Singh. At 00:50 hrs this police party left the hostel along with Sewak Singh. They informed the Warden that this police party belongs to Ludhiana and a DSP from Patiala is accompanying it. As per security officer’s report the police party left the university through its’ main gate at 01:00 hrs.

On the other hand disappearance of a senior student of University raised panic in the University campus. Students agitated by more than five days long enforced disappearance of their fellow student again approved Vice Chancellor for the third consecutive day. Students have given an ultimatum that if no information is provided to them regarding whereabouts of Sewak Singh by the 8 PM then students shall hold strong protest in the University. Students today approached Punjabi University chancellor and Punjab Governor S. F. Rodrigues and Tamil Nadu Governor S. Surjit Singh Barnala. Students informed media that they have faxed the copies of a memorandum along with letters of Warden and Security in-charge to these constitutional authorities seeking their serious concern over enforced disappearance of Sewak Singh.

Disappearance of Sewak Singh has raised concern among Punjabi Students studding abroad. Jaspreet Singh, Daljeet Singh, Gurtej Singh and Tejashdeep Singh from Australia today informed that they are much worried about the mysterious disappearance of Sewak Singh and would bring this matter to the knowledge of Indian high commission in Australia and would seek their immediate intervention to locate the missing scholor. They informed that if we received no information with in 24 hours them students shall hold protest demonstration before the Indian Consulate.

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I just hope he does not end up like Shaheed Bhai Jaswant Singh Khalra. We should all pray for his safety and Chardikala. Please take the time to mention this Singh in your Ardas. Guru Sahib Kirpa karn.

In all probabality he will not because these people are not even a shade of Jaswant singh Khalra. Bittu has a lot of skeeltons in his closet such as his links with police cat Sukhi who is alive though declared dead in police records.

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