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Try Not To Cry


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Some people really do get too much pleasure out of running around fighting other people's battles. One of our Guru's died when asked for help by a persecuted people. If you really want to help the palestinians go and lie under an israeli tank or something rather than listening to this crap.

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When did i say that this was my attempt to help the palestinians?? Please show me where i said this or stop putting words into my mouth!

Where did i say that you were actually attempting to help the palestinians? Even if you were it was a pitiful attempt. But if you want to be pedantic about this I'll tell you it is not 'their art', its crappy imitation in order to stir up crap in poor muslim youth who should be doing better things.

Has anyone read Catch-22? In the book there is a character, Major Major if i remember correctly, who used to defend his communist friends in front of his right wing friends, and his right wing friends in front of his communist friends. As a result none of his friends bothered defending him and often described him as a dope. Unfortunately many sikhs are dopes as they dont understand the deeper meaning in most things so they end up getting swept up in emotion and attachment of causes that have nothing to do with the panth.

To Matheen: what do you mean by help? Like saving them from the israelis and making eternal enemies of the jews, only to have the palestinians drive tanks and send commandoes into the Harimandir Sahib complex in a few centuries time? Why are sikhs so thick to human nature and mankind's history?

As for it being music, well we also have the right to say what we think of the music. I'm also sure if someone started posting nazi marching songs that the thread wouldnt last, which is understandable.

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