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Singh And Obama


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Whilst I am fully aware of the Congress parties role in the Sikh genocide of the 80s/early 90s, I acknowledge that images/reports based on the recent meeting between Singh and Obama is probably the most positive exposure the globe is going to get of a turbaned Sikh in a while. If admin could find a way of making all images of a similar size it would be cool.








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Thing is, Obama is such a good orator that most people just get over shadowed by him. Singh was seriously stiff and I wonder how he would handle an open question and answer session?

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Manmohan Singh is a puppet of the Gandhis and is just keeping the seat warm while Rahul Gandhi is groomed to take over. MS's only benefit is that he has placed the image of a Sikh in the living rooms of the world and has probably undone some of the damage done each time the image of Osama or some Taliban idiot is shown on the news. Apart from that MS hasn't benefited Sikhs a zilch.

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