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Book Scanning Google Quality


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It's not hard, you need a decent scanner and Adobe Acrobat (NOT the free reader but the full software). Once you scan the images you put them together using Acrobat. The trick is to get the files as small as possible so you don't have an enormous file size. I'm not too clued up about that bit myself but I think it involves toying around with the distiller function.

Hope you can share any interesting stuff with us here! lol

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what is a good dpi to use for scanning text to compile into a pdf?

Experiment trying to get as low as possible. For plain black and white printed text that is clear in the original you may be able to get to 150 dpi (or even lower). Use your discretion, just make sure it is easily legible.

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I found good tutorials on this subject. It's worth checking them.

Wow! The way that dude circular sawed the books was hardcore.

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