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~ Gurbani Hymns Sung By Heavenly Voice Of Bhai Jaspal Singh Ji ~


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Doesn't matter if he was dodgy or still dodgy, personality aside, what matters is the voice as voice is eternal. Any voice which sings gurbani is poojan-jog. We should see beyond personality when it comes to listening to kirtan because voice is eternal.

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is it alright to listen to Ragi Darshan singhs kirtan?

If its sung by sharda and prem at that moment, I don't see why not? But I also understand case of prof darshan singh is different, because as his outright rejection of sri dasam bani through propaganda, we also must weigh the fact one way to tackle his propaganda is to boycott his tapes.

Nevertheless, to answer to your question. No its NOT a kurahit to listening of gurbani being sung by voice and enjoy aside personality, as voice, emotions, prem sharda is all eternal. Any voice singing gurbani hymns is poojan jog.

Shaaheediyan veer,

The reason i shared kirtan sung by bhai sahib ji here because i read the biography on the website where it was mentioned that he was a student of sachkhand vasi bhai sahib bhai avtar singh ji.

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