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Anti Sikh Face Of Paramjit Sarna


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Here is the video showing Parmjit Sarna praising Lala Jagat Narain family.

At the same time he is bad mouthing sikhs who struggled and sacrificed for sikh demands along Bhindrewale.

Romesh Chander was son of lala Jagat Narian.They were owners of Hind samachar group newspapers based at jaladhar. They were writing derogatroy of sikh Gurus and sikhs.When Nirankari Gurbachan singh killed sikhs in 1978 Lala Jagat narain became witness for him and he was acquitted.

See real face of this traitor.

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Shaheedsar, of the Facebook group No khalsa panth without Dasam Granth Sahib, mentioned that on the morning of the Ludhiana protests Sarna encouraged the Singhs to protest and gave his support. Later on Sarna was nowhere to be seen and was instead with Prof Darshan Singh. Still later, Sarna called the protesters allies of the RSS.

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