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Prabhjot Singh

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Gurfateh Ji,

Thank you for the seva you are doing.

However, I just want to voice a concern about digitising texts that are still easily available (DTF or direct from India) to the sangat at very low costs, and which are hard to shift at the best of times. Jvahar Singh Kripal Singh publishers are humble and meagre in their output, are hardly making much from their sales as it is, particularly among modern Sikhs who rarely can be bothered/interested to buy or read such texts.

It is certainly the case that most Sants/Gyanis care little for the money/attention selling books will bring them, but, surely we should get their permission prior to putting this on-line and perhaps make a donation to help support future publications?

My benti to the sangat, please buy these texts which are readily available in shops in the UK/Canada.

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tSingh Veer Jeo, thats a fair and valid point. My idea was to digitise mainly those books/texts that, as you said, majority of the Sikhs havent heard of so that they could be tasted by wider Sangat; but you have rightly mentioned that publishers are not earning much from the lack of sales of such book as it is and digitising them certainly isnt going to help them. Oh Waheguru, I feel rather guilty now :(

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Maybe you could talk to the publishers and maybe just digitise the first 5 pages of each publication (with their permission) and post the link, location, contact details where sangat could by the whole book?

It'd give the sangat the taste but impel them to buy the actual book if they want to.

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Khalsa Ji,

People won't take the pain to buy these books unless they read them at least 80%. I agree with Tsingh that publisher should get something for their hard work. In this case, you can use the Google method of marketing books where they hide few pages intentionally from their scanning. It will not be useful to scan 5 pages because that will not bring any interest in the book. You may want to leave 20% to 10% of the book and scan 80% to 90%.. This way you will help publishers immensely.

Example is here.

Sharda Puran Granth - Leave few pages the ones are very crucial. People will have the publisher's name and you have done the marketing of their book for free. It is my experience that with time these Granths will go unnoticed so do not feel bad about scanning them but as I said just leave 10% to 20 of the granth. :) Keep them coming so people at least know such Granths/books exist.

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