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Yet More Stupidity From A Sikh Father


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A Belgium-based NRI, Mehtab Singh, has been arrested in Amritsar for allegedly killing his 17-year-old stepdaughter after bringing her to India, as he disapproved of her relationship with a boy belonging to a different caste. It was the boyfriend who tipped off the police from Brussels that Amritpal Kaur’s life may be under threat.

Following Lakhwinder Singh’s complaint, the police went to Mehtab’s house in Amritsar, just in time to reportedly stop the cremation. Amritpal’s body was seized and sent for post-mortem.

Amritpal and Lakhwinder met in Brussels and were in love, but the family apparently disapproved as the girl was a Jat Sikh while the boy belonged to the Lobana Sikh community. Amritpal had been brought to India on the pretext of visiting the Golden Temple and relatives living in Amritsar.

The post-mortem report indicates that she was strangulated with a plastic rope. Her body may have been later hanged from the ceiling to pass off the death as suicide. According to the police, Mehtab has confessed to killing her.

Mehtab is Amritpal’s uncle, her father’s younger brother whom her mother Rajbir Kaur married after the death of her husband 15 years ago.

“Mehtab says he was against Amritpal’s alliance with Lakhwinder,” said Commissioner of Police Varinder Kumar, calling it a case of honour killing. Apart from the caste factor, the family also disapproved as Lakhwinder was unemployed. Police say Mehtab brought Amritpal here to kill her as the laws in Belgium were “too stringent”.

The police are verifying if other persons besides Mehtab were involved.

“Lakhwinder knew that Amritpal had been lured to India. We got a detailed e-mail from him in which he expressed fear that she might be killed. He was trying to establish contact with the police and some relatives but by the time he could do, she was killed,” said a police official investigating the crime.

The house belonging to Mehtab in a well-to-do Amritsar colony is locked and deserted. Reluctant to talk, one of the neighbours said: “The house is usually locked. We had seen Mehtab with his daughter but don’t know what happened.”

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Let's be honest though. It is the Jatt brothers who seem to get over excited like this by and large. Murder for caste reasons. Quick to take girls from other communities, over react when one of their own wants to go out though.

Sikhs, especially those of the Jatt community needs to have an internal debate about Sikhs marrying Sikhs of other castes. I have to say, in the new generation of my family, inter-caste marriages between a diverse range of jaats is taking place. It is the future, except for the usual supremacist jerks. Are you a closet one or do you come from a family like that?

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I have to add.

That 'father' is such a jerk. He essentially killed the remaining nishaan of his deceased (presumably) older brother by doing this.

What an animal.

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may Satguru Jee keep her soul connected with His Lotus Charan.

outside of India, there is a lot of parchaar against casteism so the coming generations arent so under the influence.

its mainly those in punjab or those very close to it that retain this aspect of punjabi culture. dharmik institutions in punjab arent speaking out against this enough due to vested interests.

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