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Abuse Of Gurdwara Funds At Singh Sabha Southall?

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Normally I don't read Panjabi papers but I found this at the Gurdwara today. This Pardes Weekly article seems to suggest some serious misdoings at the Southall Singh Sabha Gurdwara involving massive sums of money.

What to make of it?


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Whats new pussy cat......whaoooo, whaooo, whaoooo!!!!!


I'll be VERY suprised if financial irregularities did NOT happen in temples.

I hope your are not calling a Gurdwara a temple dude? Everyone has learned what a mosque is, if we describe our own places as 'temples' then that's what they will be known as.

In any case I wonder if any Gurdwaray exist that don't have someone making a packet from them? I mean even our heart at Harmandir Sahib fills up the Badal clan's coffers it seems? Corrupt peasant bascud that he is.

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