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Article On Canadian Sikhs


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I'm just wondering how well this reflects perceptions of Sikhs on the west coast of Canada or is it just the usual Anglocentric drivel?


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The Vancouver Sun newspaper and one of its main reporters, Kim Bolan, have made a career out of demonizing Sikhs. The extremely negative perceptions of Sikhs on the west coast are somewhat widespread. Ridiculous stereotypes are held in the heads of many whites. It's quite shocking really, to compare B.C.'s other main newspaper, The Province, in its coverage of the Sikh community. You would think that they were talking about two different communities. That being said, there is still a general attitude of tolerance and acceptance, as well as a live and let live attitude among the younger generation. Although I feel that many are against some aspects of Sikhi, such as the external appearance, so the tolerance is superficial to some degree. Still, they don't cause trouble or harass as much as the way the older generations used to.

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"It is home to a substantial community of Sikhs, the city’s most troublesome minority. Not only are Sikhs responsible for a very disproportionate share of crime, but they are culturally incompatible with white Canadians and flex their political muscle in ways that harm white interests. Canada’s Sikhs also have a history of vicious terrorism"

This is ridiculous. There is no way they would be able to get away with writing this sort of rubbish in a national newspaper.

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Ludicrous. White canadians are nuts. They still try to bully the natives:


I have to say the article itself reminds me of those articles that you find on hindu forums. Sikhs are all blamed for the crimes of a few. Yet we dont do that to others. If they were faced with the same accusations it wouldnt surprise me if they came up with all manner of excuses.

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