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Use Punjabi In Official Work Or Face Action, Govt Departments Told

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Use Punjabi in official work or face action, govt departments told

Umesh Dewan

Tribune News Service

Patiala, January 18

The Chief Parliamentary Secretary, Punjab, Raj Khurana, has said strict action would be initiated against the heads of the government departments and educational institutions, if they were found not complying with government directions for implementation of Punjabi language.

While addressing a meeting in this regard at the mini-secretariat, here yesterday, Khurana, who is also the head of a 13-member committee constituted to inspect and ensure proper implementation of Punjabi in all offices of state government and educational institutions in Patiala, said, “Even though the mother tongue plays an important role in the progress of nation, it is unfortunate that we are still not concerned about the Punjabi language.”

Khurana directed the representative from the State Languages Department, Blinder Kaur Joshi, to constitute teams comprising of government and non-government institutions.

“These teams will conduct surprise checks in various government departments and government and private educational institutions to ensure the government directions are complied with. Subsequently, a detailed report will be submitted in the next meeting,” he announced.

Khurana also directed the authorities of the Languages Department to check whether the name plate, put up outside the offices of the government officials, educational institutions, corporations and boards etc was in Punjabi language or not.

He said name plates in the district courts, affidavits and recording of the statements should be all done in Punjabi. Meanwhile, Patiala Deputy Commissioner Dipinder Singh, who was also present in the meeting, instructed the officials to check that special emphasis be laid while inspecting the schools to ensure that Punjabi teachers were competent and equipped to teach Punjabi.

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Good! I for one feel uncomfortable and strangely effeminate when I try and speak Hindi or Urdu....

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