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Food And Kaam


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basically, foods which create a lot of acid are kaam promoting. this is b/c the acid irritates the senstive nerves down there, and then our dhian gets pulled down there. after that, in reaction, we often start having kaamic thoughts. so generally sweets, foods that are too spicy. Too many grains will also cause it, b/c we need to balance all this with alkaline foods like fruits and veggies. lack of exercise promotes it, all that energy must go somewhere... it also flushes our system. ideal diet, i have found, is high in veggies.

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chocolate does and it is believed that when someone cooks they put there thoughts into the food so a gursikh should avoid eating outside, meat defo increases kaam. also overeating can increase it and do not undereat leads to illness. avoid tv, music media it increases it. sleep right go to bed proper times, stay around good people sangat effects it, keep doing more paath it is hard to believe but keep doing more paath that power can help, paath cleanses mind and heart. it is natural to experience lust but make sure you moderate it and control it, do not let it control you. eat alot of fruit and veg and drink lots of water.

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