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Neurological Effects Of Meditation

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When you think about how small a percentage of the brain is used, even by 'geniuses', I wonder what a fully active and connected brain is capable of....

Its said that by doing meditation properly and actively and refraining from eating junk food which pollutes your body, etc. Parts of your dormant mind fire up.

I can't remember it correctly, so don't quote me. Ages ago I read this article on a french guy who went to India during the time when the british had taken panjab, he met a swami who could go into the samadi state at will. he recorded elevated, increased high level electrical activity in the brain, i believe the brain waves switch from beta wave to gamma wave at 40hz (full range is 25hz to 200hz) (some buddhist monks have been monitored and have shown to go upto 40hz)

there is documentation and evidence to suggest that the british and other powers had been researching this for a long time, say 100 years (documented) and I would say more. The indians are not the only people who have the samadi experience....

look up hank wesselman who volunteered to be tested, he went into the samadi state at will over 13 times. he now is a spiritual healer

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