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Mass Graves From 1984 Sikh Genocide Found

Guest zulu

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Taken from Sikhactivists website, link below to article


I dont usually talk about this but I thought I should share the link.

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A wake up call to all those who call the Singhs that fought against this tyranny in the 70s and 80s, terrorists.

The truth always comes out and I hope this, and the revelations to come, serve to unify us. Without one voice, this crap will keep happening.

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Lets try and make sure that the western media actually run with this story once it is verified.

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You know, if the British establishment ignore this because of their 'Indian interests', we need to hook these guys up loudly and publically and embarrass the hell out of them.

This is serious. If it was some other Muslim nation they'd be all over it with a megaphone.

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Claiming to be a resident of Hondh village in Haryana that is in news these days after it came to light that several Sikh families were allegedly killed in anti-Sikh riots there in 1984, 70-year-old Uttam Singh narrated the November 2, 1984, attack here on Sunday.

Now settled in Bathinda and into a business of clothes, Uttam Singh said he had to take a sleeping pill on Saturday after a news item aired on a TV channel highlighted the attack on Sikhs refreshed his wounds all these years later.

SGPC president Avtar Singh Makkar is likely to meet him on Monday.

The Punjab government has constituted a fact finding committee with Akali leader Balwinder Singh Bhunder as its chairman to look into the alleged massacre, brought to light by the All India Sikh Students’ Federation a couple of days ago.

“I had managed to get over the pain and trauma. But after watching the story on a news channel, the bad memories are back to haunt me. I had to take a sleeping pill yesterday, as my mind could not help but recall what happened on the fateful day,” Uttam said here on Sunday, recounting the “attack by a mob” on the village inhabited by Sikhs.

“My uncle Takht Singh and cousin Harnam Singh’s wife Amrit were burnt alive in front of our eyes,” said Uttam, a Pakistan-born Sikh who moved to India after Partition.

“The mob entered the village at 11 am and first targeted one Gulab Singh’s family, killing 10 members. Next was Sardar Singh’s family and seven members were killed. The mob then went to Gurdial Singh’s home. The 12 members of his family, including children, had locked themselves in a room, but as the mob heard a child cry, they set the room on fire from outside and all those inside, sitting on a heap of wheat, were burnt alive,” said Uttam, adding that the miscreants were using diesel from the tractors of villagers to set houses on fire.

“We moved from one place to other in our house to save our lives. Many of our family members were injured in the process. We managed to get to a portion of the house that had an iron grill. They mob scaled the roof of another room and started pelting us with stones. We started hurling stones back to them. After some time, there was an explosion in a tractor fuel tank. And a rumour spread that Sikhs had bombs with them. The assailants then left the village,” Uttam claimed, adding that the survivors left the village at midnight in search of safer places.

He said he first tried to settle in Hoshiarpur but all his business ventures failed there, after which he moved to Bathinda about 25 years ago. He said as many as 10 families who survived the attack had been living in Bathinda and Ludhiana, while a few others were staying in Chandigarh, Panipat and Delhi.

Uttam also spoke to SGPC chief Avtar Singh Makkar on Sunday. Makkar said he would come to Bathinda on Monday to personally meet Uttam. “About five families from Ludhiana who claimed to be hailing from Hondh village have also approached me. I am meeting them, too, on Monday,” he added.

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Ghost of Chhillar haunts Haryana

20 persons were killed in the Rewari village in the ’84 riots

Raman Mohan/TNS

Chhillar (Rewari), February 23

More than 26 years after 20 men, women and children (the number mentioned in the FIR according to the police) were allegedly burnt alive in riots following the assassination of Indira Gandhi, the mystery remains unresolved.

All main characters in this sordid drama — the police, the residents and the survivors — have a lot to answer for. The police must explain why the case was closed and how the FIR, which was registered after the incident, was lost or misplaced.

Villagers need to explain why they failed to intervene when, according to them, an estimated 300-strong mob of “outsiders” went on a killing spree that lasted (as per their own version) for six to eight hours. This happened even when the villagers outnumbered the mob.

As for survivors, they too need to come forward and explain why they have kept quiet all these years. In the words of 83-year-old Dhanpat Singh Yadav, the then sarpanch of Chhillar, this is what happened on the morning of November 2, 1984.

“It was a bright sunny day. Around 10 am, a mob of 250 to 300 men, all outsiders, arrived in the village in a Haryana Roadways bus and a truck. They carried jerry cans of diesel and were armed with rods and sticks. They headed straight for the Sikh settlement, about 1 km from the main village, where 13 Sikh families had been living since they migrated from Pakistan in 1947,” recalls Yadav. The settlement was known as Haud, a reference to the pond built there by a Muslim fakir in 1920, he tells.

“When I was informed about the mob, I rushed there with around six villagers. We challenged them. But they threatened to burn us alive. We were made to sit there as several of them stood guard over us. The mob attacked men, women and children who were outside. A few were set ablaze outside their houses. Others fled to the safety of their homes and locked themselves up,” he says.

“The mobsters dug holes in the roofs, poured diesel inside and set fire. At least 20 of the victims were trapped inside. Meanwhile, 30 men, women and children locked themselves up inside a room on the first floor of a house. At around 5 pm, a section of the mob approached the room. One young Sikh, Balwant Singh, suddenly came out and attacked the mob. One mobster got a deep cut on his shoulder. The mob then withdrew and left the village. The villagers then escorted the survivors safely to Rewari,” he says. None of them ever came back to the village, he adds. “In the following years, they sold their land and houses, most of which have now been demolished.”


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Haryana govt admitted killing of 32 Sikhs in Hond Chillar village

Punjab Newsline Network

Thursday, 24 February 2011

CHANDIGARH: Haryana Government Thursday clarified that 32 persons had lost their lives in village Hond-Chillar in district Rewari during anti-Sikh riots in 1984.

While stating this here today, an official spokesman said that a compensation amounting to Rs seven lakh each was given by the Government under State and Central Schemes to the next of kin of the deceased. A total of Rs 2.24 crore was given to the next of the kin of the deceased.

He said that a compensation of Rs one lakh each for damage to property was also given in the year 2006 for 36 properties.

The total compensation disbursed to victims of the unfortunate violence is Rs 2.55 crore.

It may be recalled that Chief Minister, Mr Bhupinder Singh Hooda has already sought a report on the issue from Divisional Commissioner, Gurgaon. In a recent press conference in Chandigarh, Mr Hooda had said that those guilty of this heinous act should be brought to book.

Interestingly, in the government records only three persons were claimed to have been killed in the state in 1984 riots.

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Clear stand on Hond Chillar issue;SAD asks Punjab congress

Punjab Newsline Network

Friday, 25 February 2011

SAS NAGAR:Advisor to Chief Minister and Shiromani Akali Dal Secretary, Spokesman Dr. Daljit Singh Cheema has termed the intrigue silence of the Punjab Congress party over merciless and inhuman massacre in Hond Chillar village of Haryana as most unfortunate and asked the Punjab Congress President Capt. Amarinder Singh to clear their stand over the issue.

He said that it was surprising that the this issue had been highlighted by the media since last week but Punjab Congress leaders have failed to issue a single statement on the issue. He questioned the congress leaders whether it was an effort to please their national President Sonia Gandhi or there was any other reason behind it.

Talking to reporters here at the residence of Tarlochan Singh Mann Senior Vice President of the BJP Kisan Morcha, Dr. Cheema said that whole nation was shocked and surprised that why Sikh Prime Minister of the country Dr. Manmohan Singh could not even bother to share his sympathies with the victim families of this most heinous crime of the world which was an unprecedented case of human rights violations. He said that all these developments were indication of the fact that Congress party does not wants to deliver justice to the victims even after 26 years and was adamant on helping the culprits of this crime who were none other but members of the Congress party.

Dr. Cheema further said that revelations made by the former Sarpanch of the Hond Chillar village that “those who carried out this massacre came in the government buses” were more dangerous as it proved the involvement of the then Congress government of the state in this crime which was further established by the other facts of the case. He said that present congress government of the state has deliberately ordered the Divisional Commissioner for enquiry instead of a Judicial or CBI enquiry as it wants to further shield the guilty who are directly or indirectly related with the Congress party. Demanding enquiry by a sitting high court judge of CBI he said that SAD would continue to work for getting justice for the victims of this massacre.

Jathedar Amrik Singh Mohali Member working committee SAD, Jathedar Arjun Singh Sergill, Jaswant Singh Bhullar,Kuldeep Kaur Kang ,Manmohan Kaur , Raja Kawarjor Singh Mohali were also present .

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