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Generations Pay Off Debts Through Slavery


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"If I don't work, they will beat me. They will abuse my daughter," said Lalti, a mother of seven. "If you don't give in, they will sell your daughter or son."

What the .....!!!

You know, a part of me really wants India to do well just so enough money goes around to put an end to this type of backward savage shit. But knowing people in India, they'll probably just import people from outside to abuse in this way, should that happen.

There is generally no sense of humanity in that place, despite a few exceptions here and there. The lessons of the gareeb niwaas haven't sunk in.

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Nor is this phenomena new to Panjab if Prem Sumarag is anything to go by.

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French Connection UK!!!

But then should we be suprised??

Possibly only in that we may be a fudu people who continually make the same mistakes over centuries and can't seem to get to the other side of eradicating certain backwards problems (failing to recognise them and sweeping them under the mat when we do probably seals the deal for us...)

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