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Sold Infant Restored To Parents; Case Registered

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Sold infant restored to parents; case registered

Rajnish Sharma

Nabha, March 11

A six-week-old male infant, who was sold by his parents due to poverty, was returned to them by the local police today. The police took the custody of the child from the buyer yesterday and registered a case against him.

According to sources, the parents of the infant, Nirbhai Singh and Bir Kaur, admitted before the police that they had sold their newborn fifth child to Vinod Kumar, a resident of Rani Bagh Colony, with the help of a dai (midwife). She took a hefty commission for the job.

They said they had four children and were under a heavy debt. So they had taken Rs 1.1 lakh from Vinod Kumar and handed over the child to him.

They added that to remove suspicion from the minds of neighbours, they also lodged a complaint in a police station about the theft of their son from the hospital. But on suspicion, the neighbours informed the police, who questioned Bir Kaur. She narrated the whole incident. The police has registered a case against Nirbhai Singh, Bir Kaur, Vinod Kumar and the midwife. The police also recovered Rs 78,500 from Nirbhai Singh.

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I found that strange too.

In India biological parents are sole custodian of children unless court order that Children should be taken from them,so Police have no option but to restore the custody to original parents.

What is surprising that parents can give their child for adoption.I don't understand why the buyer has not taken the proper legal route

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