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Harsimar Kaur Of Gian Jyoti School Topped All India Pmt

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Harsimar Kaur of Gian Jyoti school topped All India PMT

Punjab Newsline Network

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

MOHALI: After snatching number one position in Mohali in class XII (CBSE) Harsimar Kaur, a radiant Gian Jyotian has added one more feather in the already beaming cap of the school as she has topped the ALL INDIA-PMT Results.

Harsimar Kaur

This marvelous achievement is the ample reward for her dedication towards her target and splendid gift for her Parents, teachers for their paramount efforts and hard labour to facilitate their students mount innovative pinnacles.

Harsimar Kaur, is a fabulous performer who left no stone unturned to capture this credit. The most imperative aspects, which have helped her a lot to reach her destination, are her consistency and commitment to work. Moreover, she has ‘never to give up’ attitude. If asked she says – “I was confident of making it as I used to study for eight hours daily and moreover my mother and my teachers motivated me to accomplish this achievement”. She is fond of reading and listening to music. She strives to reach beyond her goal and she is confident that even the sky is not the limit.

Her success was celebrated in the school with a special assembly of the students in the school auditorium where the students were intimated about her excellent performance and were distributed chocolates. The Principal Mrs. Ranjeet Bedi applauded her remarkable strides and congratulated the entire faculty and her Parents.


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PMT is India's Pre medical test in which all students of India compete to get admissions in Top medical colleges of India.

Thanks for the clarification: I thought it meant Pre Menstrual Tension for a moment.

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i've heard its not rare that schools in panjab etc get this hounour. I read that a school/college established by the Buddha Dal was awarded as one of the best schools/colleges in India in the late 90s

I don't know from where you heard that but it is a very rare honour.As far colleges are concerned Punjab Only has 1 good engineering college and that is Thapar.I personally did a lot of research for my brother when he wanted to pursue Master of computer application course.All the other state level colleges are considered pretty ordinary by MNCs.The level of education in North Punjab,Haryana is very poor what it is in South

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