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~ Excellent Article On Uk Riots ~


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Fairly good article that sums up why people like to riot. Also, I think the media reporting police not showing up to 999 calls convinced a lot of people that they could get away with anything. Bare in mind that all the media showed scenes of looting and arson, but there was a lot of rapes, assaults and other things like people having their house keys stolen and being forced at knifepoint to say where they live. None of that can be excused by poverty or inequality.

Here are some other good articles:



In India there so much inequality in income yet there were hardly any riots.people don't even go to government ration godowns to loot them,but brits which have blackberry in their hands are so poor that they need to loot and the shops

Since colonial times India has become used to poverty. In the UK the major cities have rich people and poor people living right next to each other, not seperated by gates or guards etc. Also, English history is all about looting. Looting France during medieval times, looting India during colonial times and now looting themselves as foreign wars cost too much.

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It seems that this moral decay is everywhere. All are crying about it, here and in India.

Tommorow we all will forget it and carry on as normal.

I recall a survey done a decade ago about corporate theft. Its always been believed that its the lowly workers who steal from their employers. But it has been shown that owner managers are the greatest theives in business! The same goes in other parts of society. It is simply that the people at the bottom get caught because they are too naive/stupid to hide their tracks. In the past those at the top are smart enough to know how to cover their crimes but now they have become too lackadaisical and are getting caught out as well.

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