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The Abode Of Warriors

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The Abode of Warriors

September 4, 11:00 pm

Event Details

As part of the stunning new Sikh exhibition taking place in London this summer - 'The Golden Temple of Amritsar: Reflections of the Past' - we are holding a limited number of special Sunday Symposiums on a variety of topics connected with the Golden Temple.

There are five symposium days in all, each on a different theme. These engaging talks by international speakers will provide insights into the history, art, architecture, martial culture and musical traditions of the Sikhs' most iconic shrine.

Theme of the Day: Martial Traditions

The day will include the following 4 talks (plus free lunch):

‘May the Immortal One Protect’.

An introduction to the Sikhs’ warrior tradition and the weapons they worshipped.

Davinder Toor is a collector of Sikh art & heritage specialising in arms & armour.

This introductory talk will be followed by action-packed live demonstrations by the last Sikh master swordsman revealing the weaponry, techniques and psychology behind the most significant battles fought in and around the Golden Temple:

‘A Warrior Amongst Warriors’

The riveting account of the legendary Sukha Singh Nihang, a one-man army who undertook an incredible mission to uphold the sanctity of the Golden Temple in the wake of Mughal desecration.

‘The Game of Love’

Discover the truth behind the legend of Baba Deep Singh Shahid, a veteran warrior who is said to have fought against Afghan invaders with sword in one hand and decapitated head in the other.

30 vs 30,000

The inspirational saga of Gurbakhsh Singh Nihang and his band of thirty warriors, who faced a 30,000-strong Afghan force intent on destroying the Golden Temple.

Nidar Singh Nihang is the last known master of the ancient Indian battlefield art of Shastar Vidiya and an expert on Sikh martial traditions.

Book Now

Places are limited so book your tickets now - tickets are available at gt1588.eventbrite.com.

Enjoy a full day's talks from £8.50 including free lunch.

Entry to the main exhibition is FREE.

Learn More

w: gt1588.com

b: gt1588.com/blog/

fb: facebook.com/gt1588

tw: @gt1588

Support Us

Please forward this message to family, friends and colleagues.

Best Wishes

The team at GT1588

Contact Name: Harbakhsh Singh

Contact Email: harbakhsh@kashihouse.com

Event Website: http://gt1588.eventbrite.com

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