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Kesh In Hindu Dharma?

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There seems to be many references to kesh having being practiced by tapsiya, yogis, sadhus and in guru nanaks time was normal for hindus to see even up till 10th guru however abrnomal and unhygenic for muslims such as persians and muslims today. What was the original purpose of kesh in hindu dharma how does the school of though arise? Is it to do with krishna or vaishinism? Many hindus have forgotten or don't know hinduism but why is kesh kept by them. Many avtars and devtas are shown with kesh. This practice has somehow come to sikhi however with all abrahamic tradition they kept long hair but trimmed it now they completly trim it to short hair. Do they believe kesh help attain mokhsha or mukhti and if so how exactly? Is prana being stuck or solar and lunar energy as 3ho say it.

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I just call it Dharma ..so i dont refer to it as Hindu..not that i m nostalgic but it was never called so. Kesh and Pagdi has been part of the bharatiya ethos since ages. Ancient moortis of Raja Ramchander ji also potrayed with kesh ..beard intact ...i belive that the bald head was buddhist and jain phenomenon just like moorti worship was introduced by them .

The rajahs would not cut their kesh since while cutting they had to bow down which was against royal mannerism. The rishis too were all kesh intact.

The finest example of covering the kesh with a pagdi is quoted by Sant Maskeen ji in one of his katha , the earliest examples of the importance of Pagdi goes back to the times of Sri Krishan ji ..when Sudama is said to have visited him , due to poverty Sudama cannot afford good clothes and wears tattered clothes , Sri Krishan ji is said to have met him and the first thing He does his covers Sudama's head with a pagg.

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