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Sant Ajit Singh Ji Hansali Wale

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Thought I'd write a quick note.

Went to Hansali Sahib, did darshan. Also did darshan of Sant Ram Singh Ji Ganddoowa- wale. Their dera is a 30min local bus ride away from Hansali village. Both these sants are considered Brahamgianis.

One thing i'd like to mention is about the resident ragi/granthis/pathis.

Three guys who do seva there on a full time basis. The main guy is called Satnam Singh (see pics of the guys in attached clip:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAauQL7AyaM).

They do all the normal seva stuff. The kirtan (if i'm being honest) is nothing to write home about - and they themselves realise that.

But, when they do SGGS roal.............WOW!!!!!!! These guys 'smash it' when they recite gurbani. Beautifully pronounced by all three. The main guy is in a completely different world. This guy sings gurbani when he does his roal. In the most stunning way.

He's is the only time when I had to find out when his next roal shift would be (- 2am), so that I could get up and just listen to him, again!

If anyone does get the opportunity to go there and there is a path on PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure you listen to these guys - esp Satnam SIngh do path. Hell ....even if there isn't just ask him to do some path for you to listen to.

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Tera ki faida hoiya? sorry jea. Should have recorded it, even on your phone

lol you've got a point there.

But I see this as a 'side dish'. Main course was the darshan of Baba Ajit Singh ji.

Plus when I go to India I rarely carry modern techs; not even a mobile phone. I still go to PCO/STD's to make calls.

On my last trip I only took about 4-5 pics on my camera. And those were of the buildings in 'old' Amritsar. Just to keep records of of the architecture that will soon be 'beautified', ie demolished!

(Pondering whether I should put those up here. THey are'nt to the standard of Freed or any of the other guys.)

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