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Giani Gian Singh Quote On Sikhs And Martial Arts

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Do people remember that quote from an old work of Giani Gian Singh about Sikhs and martial arts/weaponry prior to the British 'annexation'?

I think Niddar Singh first posted a translation on one of his sites and there was originally some hoo ha regarding its authenticity, which was eventually established. It's the one where the author states that in a generation or two Sikhs wont believe how their ancestors where shasterdhari and training all the time.

Can any brother brother/sister direct me to this and (importantly) the original Gurmukhi text?

Help most appreciated.

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Is it this quote ? ;

'There was talk of such a science of archery and stick fighting only a few years ago in the Punjab that listening of it the English-educated young men will consider it astonishing. In sincerity I believe present day young men might just consider these skills and Shastar Vidiya most likely impossible, because they have not even seen those bows nevermind stringing them. Like this, many sciences and skills after attaining their heights have declined. Before 1857 many quivers full of arrows, matchlocks, flintlock guns, swords, lances, spears, Sang, Katar, Pesh Kabz, pistols, shields etc., weapons, armour and many types of chainmail was found house to house, and all the people in their homes learned and taught Shastar Vidiya and became complete soldiers.

Now no one even speaks of these skills the sons of brave warriors are becoming engrossed in making money, even to us who have employed Shastar Vidiya, it is becoming a dream. In another fifty years or so, this Vidiya would have dried up and people will say it (past skills) were but, all lies'

('Twarikh Guru Khalsa', Giani Gian Singh Nirmala (1899) Vol.1, Pa. 36-37)

I've attached a scan of the relevant pages from the third edition (1993)


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I would say the quoted English translation is a seriously 'abridged' version.....


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