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Although I am an old member but unfortunately I needed a new name for this question

According to Biology, Humans/males are sexually most active in the age group of 20-28.But these days, marriages are as late as 32-35 due to career pressures.In any case, they are hardly solemenized below the age of 26.

Spirituality forbids to sleep with anyone other than one's wife.

Now, one of my friends, who is over 26, is a qualified engineer but still planning to do MBA and looking for a better job. He is also a gursikh.At this age, he has often found it difficult to control the urge but has managed to do so untill now.But now I have a gut feeling he might break all barriers.

He is also into too much self-satisfaction.Is it unholy/unreligious/wrong.

Is it the right thing to go against nature?

I feel I might also be in the same dilemma sooner than later. Then should one worry about rehat maryaada or go by the findings of medical research?

If one does manage to control, wont there be a guilt throughout one's life that he or she missed the 'golden period'?

Why a pleasure, which god has gifted to everyone and which can be made harmless, should be so much restricted.In other words, what is wrong in having more partners from nature's point of view.?

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a good analogy shown in this little article

Evening Walk (Lust the Skunk)

Returning from our walk early this evening, my dog Bonny and i happened to see an alligator lizard in the road. She didn't go any closer than 6 or so inches even though her nose was close to the ground. I took a little piece of dry grass and touched it to see if it would run. But the life had gone out. Though i didn't move it, an incredible stench filled the air all around for a hundred of more feet. I thought of jyam(death). How could a ten inch lizard newly expired have the stench of a large rotting corpse. The stench of jyam, i guess has no size, and is respector of nothing, and no one but Naam and Waheguru.

The un cut-grasses drying in the summer sun, have turned a deep reddish brown rust, as though they are about to spontaneously combust. Unusual color, i rarely have seen it other than shades of golden honey colored wheat.

I noticed a rustle as i was studying, and considering, if i have ever seen grass this particular, peculiar dark shade of almost red, as though you could see flames ready to burst forth. I peered into the grass at the edge of the road. Black, spikey, white streak, shaking, a skunk. Bonny looked back.

"No Bonny, No!"

I thought of that post last week or so, a gupt post about lust and campanions, remaining nuetral. Accept it's presence, aknowledge it , don't react, don't try to fight it, just let it be. Good advice for dealing with a skunk.

If you threaten a skunk, it will spray, if you let it be, it will eventually wander away. If you shoot it. The smell will linger for a week or more. Keeping your cool is the best way to get away, out of danger. Just be aware, wary, without fear.

Jyam was out, on the road tonight. Waheguru, naam was inside.

Good thing i had enough sense not to poke at the skunk.

fateh ji :)

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A Gursikh needs to renounce (tyag) these 3 things :-

1.Neend i.e. Sleep: because of our love of sleep we miss or reduce our amritvela

2.Par Tan i.e. Other People's Bodies _..e.g. attachments to people, adultery, lust. The only way to truly be able to tyag/renounce sexual attraction is to live gristee/family life.

3.Par Dhan i.e. Other People's Wealth _..e.g. stealing, jealousy of others belongings

Comment :

The only way to truly be able to tyag/renounce sexual attraction is to live gristee/family life. Only then does the lure of lust depart, otherwise no matter how much Bhagatee/Meditation one does, the mind has a secret desire to taste this fruit, this restricts the spiritual heights that cane be attained.

The same principle applies to wealth. Most people desire to have a lot of money. Money relates to happiness in their minds. Due to lack of money they have had a deprived upbringing. While doing bhagatee/meditation a spiritual block is experience so long as their is desire for money. Desire can lead to one leaving the Gobind Marag (God's Path) to steal other people's wealth and belongings.

Goin against nature/biology as amans can be seen as being celebate all your life - guru ji doesnt say become celebate like christian preists, they led family lives themselves and encourage us to do so too

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Sat Sri Akal:

Simple point: There are some creatures in nature that form life partnerships. Humans happen to be one of them (that is how we are created). Otherwise, human society would have embraced multiple partnerships into their civilization.

The real problem is that in this technological age, people are bombarded with sexual imagery over and over. Similarly, if I was to poke you in the hand over and over, you would notice sooner or later. Therefore, the latent drive that exists in humans for procreation is enhanced (too much so I think) by the media blitz of sex.

The point of Sikhism is to live amongst the 5 vices in this world, but not to be slaves to them (in fact conquer them).

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