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How To Use A Slotar

PAL 07

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bhaa ji salotar /soti /dang/ are not the same .

Soti is of medium thickness approximately upto 2 feet.

Salotar is a wooden club which broadens on the top and is heavy
in Nihang dals they use it to grind sukhnidhaan and is used as a weapon too
it is around 2 to 3 feet and carried on the shoulders

Dang is a thick staff has knots at intervals and is long usually a little higher than the shoulders of a man of normal height

Dand is straight and can be as long as a person of normal height

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Similar stuff.

Salotar is a purposefully designed weapon. Whereas a soti could be a branch fallen from a tree.

Oh .Ok

Could somebody ask Ustad Niddar Singh whether gatka (which means a show form of shastar vidiya) and shastar vidiya itself have any connection with the south indian martial arts system known as Kalaripayatuu.

Also could you ask him what his thoughts are on Kalaripayatuu. I personally believe what Niddar Singh is teaching is Kalaripayatuu, which itself is the sanatan shastar vidiya of india. Even Americans and many modern martial artist believe kalaripayatu to be the father of all oriental martial arts - kung fu, karate, muay thai etc

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From what I,ve seen of kalari on the web it seems to be a watered down form of some original art. In other words a South Indian gatka. In my experience I have to disagree that SV is anything like kalari. The bits of kalari history/philosophy etc I come across has no hints of resemblance to SV.

I do believe in ancient mythological history there may have been some links ie the rishis and. Kshatriyas of old founding the arts. I would love to see some real kalari. That is the killing art as opposed to some lightweight stuff.

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