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Afghanistan Unconquarable Myth


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I love how the news media twist facts around and cherry pick facts to dramatize the news to get more ratings

one is Afghanistan has not bin taken over

Afghanistan was created in the 1700's mid 1700's

before that anyone who invaded that region had succeeded in conquering it and no one had failed in conquering the region who invaded

alexander the great

then biharis of the maryan empire

then the arabs who converted the region to islam after conquering it

then a turk king nadir shah ruled over what is Afghanistan today

then Afghanistan was created

then the Sikhs conquered more then half the Pashtun lands

then the british east indian company who at its peak had the largest mercenary army ever with it being 96% indian took Afghanistan and won every battle in the anglo afghan war

after conquering Afghanistan the british east india company noticed Afghanistan was a liability and eating away at their profits

the purpose of invading Afghanistan was to keep Russia away

so the british east india company cut their afghan budget to cut loss of profits to investors

they left 4500 soldiers and 4000 of those were Bengali muslim mercenary soldiers aka Bangladeshi soldiers and about 500 English officers and soldiers and 12 000 civilians who were wives and children of the soldiers

cause of the budget military cuts for Afghanistan it gave the afghans a chance to revolt considering their were only less then 5 000 soldiers from the british east indian company

yes everyone was wiped out accept for a few during the retreat of Kabul

considering those mercenaries who were mostly Bengalis were out numbered by thousands of Pashtuns and their family members

don't know if it counts as a humiliating defeat for the british the way the media makes it sound

cause Afghanistan is such a poor country the british invaded Afghanistan again and defeated the afghans in every single battle this time with an british indian army consisting of mostly Sikh and gurkha soldiers but instead of governing Afghanistan cause their was no profit to be made cause Afghanistan was so poor, they decided to tell the afghan king hey listen either be englands bitc* or they'll have them over thrown

Afghanistan came under imperial rule under the british and the afghans lost every battle

then the third anglo afghan war the afghans thought hey chance for freedom right after world war 1 and again the afghans lost every battle against british indian military consisting mostly of Sikh and gorkha soldiers

but after Russia had a revolution the brits didn't need Afghanistan any more n let it go

soviet afghan war the soviets were backing the afghan govt and trying to enforce an atheist culture on a nation completely muslim in a very poor country with no money to be made

Russian defeat came from running out of money but the afghans never won one battle against the soviets instead they kept taking a butt wooping battle after battle till soviets couldn't afford to continue to woop them anymore

same goes for the war on terror in Afghanistan since 2001

unless the west applies divide and rule policies which is looked down upon in the 21 century Afghanistan is hopeless to spread democracy all across afghanistan

only once whole accept democracy are the tajiks hazaras and turks

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