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How British Took Over Punjab


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what type of divide and rule policies were used

gorkhas and Bengalis regiments were the once used as mercenaries for the british

why did Sikhs afterwards decide to fight for the british rather than against the british

1857 the Sikhs fought along with the gorkhas to crush the rebellion why?

did the british purposely pick martial races to play divide rule

treat the martial races real well to win their loyalty and use that loyalty to exploit the indians

that were discriminated against by british policies

why did the Sikhs fall for these policies rather then stand up for the Indians that were discriminated against

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Just capitalised on the Mughals centuries of division really, Babur did the hard work in planting the seeds of social hatred.

I don't think it was Babur who did that; rather Jahangir started it and Aurengzaab took it to the max with his drive to promote Islam.

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