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Technique Of Swas Swas Simran

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One of the popular techniques of simran is swas swas simran. When the breath goes in 'Wahe' is uttered and breath comes out 'Guru' is uttered. My question is how can one say 'Wahe' out loudly when inhaling?

In these links although it is claimed that Wahe is uttered while inhaling, but I can not understand how it is possible.


Can anyone explain this please?

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Lucky gave a good explanation in this post.

Generally it is much easier to do swas swas simran when one moves towards madhma jaap. (i.e. dull whisper) or internally with the mind. Lucky covers stage 1 and stage 2 in the post linked above.

What your asking about is swas swas jaap out aloud. This question also puzzled me a lot so in the end I gave up try to achieve what seemed impossible task considering with the way vocal cords and breathing work. Some will till you its impossible and some will tell it needs to be done. On some occasions I do feel it is slightly kicking in but I can't say it feels smooth and comfortable. Like Guru with exhale.

When I'm doing my jaap out aloud I do try and say Guru with the exhale breath. As that is easily achievable.


-- -------->


If you persevere to say Wahe with inhale you might sometimes achieve some of the following with a little bit of jerkiness in the breath or a slightly distorted Wahe.


< - - - - ------



< ----- - - ------



< ------ - - --


If you listen to

you will hear him say just forget about the breathing and just say the words with wahe slight navel pump in and guru navel out. In subsequent videos he says forget about the breathing and let it happen on its own. He will go as far to say we are to connect with the sound of the gurmantar and not the pavan/air.

One has to understand that true simran is done with the mind internally. That is the stage we are trying to achieve. However since we are not accustomed to listening with full attention to the words our mind is saying and we get bombarded with thoughts. We start with bhakhri jaap (out aloud) where we first learn to listen to our voice without letting the mind wonder off. When you have perfected that then you start lowering the volume and transition towards swas swas.

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