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Outrageous Videos Of Sikhs Beating Using Violence Against Unarmed Civilians


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All I can say is:

Thank God I don't live in backwards-arse Panjab! lol

Can you imagine how these people would behave if they had absolute power?

They just look like a bunch of jat pendu fudus who attack people who aren't really capable of defending themselves to me.

Okay, on one hand I can understand the frustration of having stoned, drunk people bowling around as nihangs but how many pagh wearing 'sardars' drink in Panjab. We all know it's a MASSIVE percentage - are all of these people going to get a beating too? Or just skinny, simple minded pendu nihang wannabes?

As for the sadhu: okay, if he is bowling around in public with his b0llocks and knob hanging out, that should be stopped. But some warning should be given first before the katapa.

These guys have done a great job in promoting Amritdharis.....

Let's be frank guys, we ARE (now at least) generally a very backward, unsophisticated, rustic simple minded community in our homeland.

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I have to add:

The one thing I would FULLY SUPPORT such beatings for is towards ANYONE taking a shite in public, like a dog. Which is disgusting and commonplace back home.

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Thanks for feedback.

Please share your analysis why there is an fault in beating of sadhu

2) video, seems like that girl was related , who had illicit relation with another man . other then that we cannot point out their own quarel
3)that was fair, those bhaiye disrespected Sri Guru granth sahib ji in a way or another
4) that was extreme beating for that nihang singh . he was beaten for alcohol, as per old battle standards singhs use to drink alcohol . in this case if it was wrong , they could have talked to him to give it up . harsh action should have been taken against a singh who commited a kureith only after 5 pyaare decission
5) beating of sadhu is bad , he wasnt doing anything . he was just walking by . he was following his religion. beating someone for following their religion is not justified
6) this idiot was speaking bad and disrespecting guru shaib in presense of sri guru granth sahib ji, this is what we all should do then there wont be any dasam bani nindaks
7) pakhandi baba was faking villages and taking their money, this is justified and right . at time of 6th guru sikhs beat up the theif in area for stealing
8) this is also justified , all those saying this is bad
the guy beat because , this telemarketer was calling a bhenji or bibiji and disturbing them again and again
if it was your own sister or relative , you all be beating him yourself.
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if it was your own sister or relative , you all be beating him yourself.

That's a fair point.

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It's good we are talking about it here openly, if all these videos/beating occurred in western nations, How would many deal with it? There are many cases there have been violent clashes between sikhs in western countries, police were called in. We seriously need to think what kind of image we are sending to the world fighting among each other and most importantly to our new sikh generation of youths.

One thai at work told me - living besides punjabis is quite safe for others as they won't touch outside people as they always fighting among each other...i was dumbfounded, utterly mortified... i ended up brushed it off by saying lot of indians/asians have similar issues.

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Where is our compassion?

Our Sikh Dharma is deeply rooted in dya-compassion, its out of that unconditioned mind- compassion everything else is born/dharma is born. Dhual dharam DYA ka poot || (Japji sahib)

Before taking dharmic action or taking action with outer garb of SIKH- bana, our actions has to go through five inner divine attributes reflected in panj pyares and sikh theology- compassion-dya then operating from that dya attribute(Dhual dharam dya ka poot || )- unconditioned-righteousness then piety then courage then take action from operating from all four - sahib in its totality. Sahib

Bhai Daya Singh means compassion.

Bhai Dharam Singh means righteousness.

Bhai Mokham Singh means piety.

Bhai Himmat Singh means courage.

Bhai Sahib Singh means Sir in the english sense. Only he is a sahib in the lord's eyes who has mastered the above four virtues.

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Amount of Sikhs bickering, fighting among each other, attacking each other verbally in cyber space, in real life is flabbergasting. We have soo many problems in the community and we are only 25 million, if things keep going like that it will go much worst once we hit 1 billion mark.

Here are some of real life case:


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In general, the problem with many sikh youths taking law in their own hands, they get carried away, they tend to become judge, jury, executioner. Some of them are agenda driven-highly vindictive even legal law suite were made, pending defamation law suit against them. Its very hard to differentiate from their good and bad intent. They lack proper ethical code, accountability or transparency and it just ending up becomes gossip smear campaign. This further complicates the matter - you don't who to believe.
For example- Here is big colossal failure such website runs without any legal frame work, transparency or accountability-
http://sikhissues.blogspot.ca/ (Total Pageviews Sparkline 212,457) even gurbani website does not have that much views a month it just shows how much we are gossip driven.
There are many sikhs people(lot of them from akj) but overall from all walks of life- who have been exposed on this website (fyi this site was even banned on sikhsangat as well ), so called accused with (complicated cases) are yet to give their side of the story, have fair day in court. I may not with agree with many accused personal ideology but i defend their right to defend themselves and have their fair day in court.
At the end of day, its way too slippery slope to support or let sikh youths without panj pyares approval/ without backing sikh community organization- act self righteous/ take law in their own hands especially if we don't know their intent- no matter how bleeding heart- self righteous their cause may be.
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