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Is This Case Of Sikh Jatts Ostracising Bullying Poor Mahbzi Sikhs?

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Is this case of general Sikh extremism beating or this case has under toning of Jatt singhs hiding behind self righteous cause oppressing, beating poor mahbzi sikhs?


Please provide your input.

Thanks for the information. It is very sad.

Waheguru jee kaa Khalsa

Waheguru jee kee Fateh

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Based on the footage its very bad indeed , but my views on this is that

1. Both parties need to be present and questioned

2. These Singhs , if they have not done anything wrong , knock on Sri Harimandir Sahibs door , keep chasing the jatedar for an answer

as 2 of the guys he knows , find out their background , get an independent investigation ( saying that , I dont see it happening as its India , theres no justice system in India , and if these Singhs start prodding further , may be threatened further )

3. Taking Amrit is not a small thing , it takes oneself to be strong , have piare for Guru ji , and i dont agree with the sings handing over their kakars , they should become stronger , infact put their faith in Guru ji asking to help them stop such attrocites happening rather than giving up.

I think its good video footage has been made , but the issue is how many people in India actually see it or are aware of it as i believe if they all get together and seek action for such atrocities will make it better for the wider community.

But as mentioned before the downside is these Singhs could become worse off if they start prodding further , be falsely framed , beaten up , and who would know .

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yes, casteism (or shall i call it Jattism) playing huge role in the current wave of intolrance sweeping sikhism. In one of the incident of badmash Company ruthessly beating khalsa sikhs, the satkari thug first asks for the victim's caste. On hearing the answer that he (the victim) is a Sansi, thrashing starts. most of the victims are mazhabis/dalits but almost all of the thugs are jats. pher kehnde khalistani movement nu sarkar ne marya.

Bro, do you have any more examples of racism towards mazhabi people?

Waheguru jee kaa Khalsa

Waheguru jee kee Fateh

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