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Fighting In The Golden Temple?

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I recall seeing this on the news, when two opposing Sikh sects starting to fight each other in the golden temple during an anniversary of operation blue star.

I didn't quite understand what lead these two groups to literally draw swords in the holiest site in Sikhism. Can anyone tell me.

No doubt there must have been posts on this forum during that time, couldn't find any, If there is can someone point post the link here,

YouTube link of the event:

It is also my understanding that the people that started the flighting were the leaders of each sect? over who should speak first or something like that. Is that true?


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What happened here was one group wanted to do speech at darbar sahib at the anniversary and main group there didn't allow them. It was literally power struggle on who gets the mic and hell broke loose both of these groups hijack wider sikh representation at the expense of wider sikh public opinion. It's unfortunate shameless incident in sikh history, both parties got lot of earful from western concerned sikhs how they should be ashamed of themselves doing this on bbc national tv, at one of most holiest sikh shrine.

Both groups were blamed for this, at western sikh news channel.

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I thought I was doing research by join a Sikh forum and asking about Sikhism.

I posted it here because I thought it was against extremism. Pulling out swords over a mike is pretty extreme.

but if you don't want to mention groups because it will cause problems on the forum then fine.

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Let me add this is not Sikhi , In fact SIkhi has not changed at all since Sri Guru Nanaks period. These so called quote "Sikhs" are fighting their own personal agenda. Wheres the satkar group , should these guys not be laid on the floor and given a good bashing .

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