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what is true love for waheguru in excess?

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To have love for god is right,but then is it called excess when everything else seems to be useless.At this point,mind gets worried.Everything including friends,family,study,classes,career,even own health,own body become out of interest.Mind does not want to talk to anyone.It always keeps lost somewhere.All world matters become no longer point of interest.People start calling introward,insane .So is it right??,If not,then why does this happen walking on the path of spirituality? Are these signs of depression? Is there any need for counselling of mind?? Why this parkh takes this much time? Shouldnt God stop examining his lovers?? 

So,Is it not right to have excess of love towards almighty?? Or 

Does It mean that we are living with doubt or we dont love God in reality?

Please share your views .


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Pen Jee,

when coming to love Wahiguru alone, there is never any excess ..... it is nothing but His Grace.  We are a drop of that Satnam Samundar of Pyaar , and  whatever concept we have of ourselves, is nothing but like a grain of sand in this Mahabhavsagar.

All rivers go and merge  in the Ocean, and yet it is not too much at all. The Ocean accepts and embraces them all ...

Love for Wahiguru, means to live in His will at all times. Believe it, the pull you feel within for Wahiguru, is not much on your part, as much as His powerfull pull, it is He who is pulling the string of your heart from within.

So be thankful to Him, to bless you more and more as much as  possible, as this is the only load/stock of wealth we shall take with us.

One more thing, to be able to digest and cope with this His blessing on you, try to keep constant simran running in you, at all times.

Cause as the saying goes, when one does His work(true love/devotion), He arranges and takes care of our worldy affairs.

Ja Tu Mere Wal Hai Ta Kya MuhChanda, Tud Sab Kich Mainu Saunpeya Ja Tera Banda

God bless you dear child!

Sat Sree Akal.


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Yes veer Ji, you are exactly right!! We are no ones to love God,Even we can't! It's Guru sahib himself who allows us/bless us to have  love in heart.Yes ,it's not under our control.We own do not believe that Are We doing this?? How is this happening?? It's totally out of control.It's like we are just like puppets,and then we say that we are lost somewhere. 


And Guru sahib himself Saves their BELOVED ones and makes the entire mystery understandable.


But,One thing that bothers is the DOUBT..DOUBT ON OURSELVES.DOUBT ON OUR LOVE.MInD does not believe on such great fortune.It always says NO!! This is not kirpa or so called love/devotion.How can we be sooo fortunate to have his daya.Then doubt arises.And then it starts questioning and worldly matters start attracting.And then bottom line comes,He HIMSELF ARRANGES EVERYTHInG.

It's really something unspoken!!





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Pen jee,

the mind is just fulfiing its duty of its master Kal purukh by creating doubts in us, in order to desviate us from our goal, namely Wahiguru.

We too have to be faithfull sikhs of  Guru jee / Wahiguru by holding on to His pallau strongly, which is none other than His simran, come whatever it may.

Sat Sree Akal

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Reading this post reminded me of this shabad




I think one will know , the importance of life when blessed with the almighties blessings. What is true and what is not , what is love and to whom you share it with . Whether you have worldly pleasures or not .... your mind,body and soul will be content not rushing around here and there 

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Yes I love this shabad!! Very Vairaagmai!!

The line

MERE MANN TAN VEDAN GUR BIRAUHO LAGAAVEY(my mind and body are afflicted with the pain of separation from GURu)

Just makes one to burst into tears.

perfect for my tomorrow morning!

Thanks for sharing!

Gur fateh!

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