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Power of Sangat!


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I now live in a remote place with no Sangat, poor internet etc. I only get darshan of Sangat every 6 months or so. What I've found is that going into Sangat, doing seva etc gives the spirit a huge boost. It's literally cleansing. I leave full of motivation, Chardi Kala, ready for anything!

Over time, immersed in the world, this feeling wanes, until I get back to Sangat.

Dhan Guru Di Sangat!



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Great post but just wanted to point out, nothing is really been lost because sangat is both outside(pointing towards inside) and inside. Inside sangat is with satguru in all of us actually much more intimate and profound as satguru is always there eternal with everyone and every time as real profound absolute meaning of satguru is Sat(pure true) Guru (Chaitena- Awareness/consciousness), pure true awareness within all of us, its lot closer than what we think, its gap between all thoughts- agam saroop mind pure awareness each every moment so bro nothing is really been lost only outside pointers (which points towards inside) is gone.

I say you are lucky, many mahapursh and saints have spent many years in meditation within regardless of outside environment..what matter is truth-sat(true to your real self) and integrity-earnestness in spiritual marg.

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